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Bespoke wedding cakes

We create beautiful bespoke wedding cakes made to your specific design requirements. We believe that your dream wedding cake is possible and that it should taste as good as it looks, which is why we offer an extensive range of flavours. We can create modern and traditional wedding cakes, or something a little more quirky to suit you both as a couple, or fit perfectly with the styling of your big day. Our bespoke wedding cakes start from £225. We can turn your dream cake into a reality. On this page you will find everything you need to know about ordering your wedding cake from EmzCakes. 

Serving Sizes

How big is a slice of cake?! The first thing you need to think about when ordering your cake, is how many people do you need to cater for? We recommend catering for around 75-80% of your total guests. We offer two different serving sizes. A regular slice is based on a 2" x 1" x 4" slice which is our traditional party serving size. Or we offer a small slice which is 1" x 1" x 4" slice which is a smaller finger portion, and a more traditional wedding portion size. But you know how much you and your guests love cake! So we give you the choice.


It is always a good idea to take a look online first and see what style of cake you like. Every cake makers style varies and its good to look around and see what is going to suit your wedding day. We will not copy another cake makers design, we create a bespoke designed cake unique to you. It does help if you have an idea of what you want, but if you don't have a clue, don't worry, we can guide you through the different options and find what works for you Each bespoke cake is different and that is what makes it so special. 

The Design

This is the fun bit! We will help you come up with the perfect design for your bespoke wedding cake. Our bespoke wedding cakes include a consultation with Emma, where you can sit down and go through everything together. Emma will draw up your design with you as you go along. This can include elements from cakes you have seen already that you love. So it really helps if you have an idea of the styles of cakes you love. Photos are really helpful, but Emma can work with you to design your perfect cake.


We believe that your cake should taste as good as it looks, which is why we have put together our flavour guide to help you choose. We always say this is the hardest part! This is why we don;t make you choose just one flavour, you can choose a different flavour for each tier of your cake You can order a sample box online here which will contain four random samples of some of our most popular flavours. You can view our full flavour guide here. 

The Price

The final price of your cake will vary depending on lots of factors. The main things that influence the price are the number of servings required, the number of tiers you want, the design options you pick and the complexity and time involved in creating your cake. For example cakes with a full cascade of handmade sugar roses would cost more than a simple cake with just a ribbon and bow. You can find our helpful servings and starting price guide below. 

Delivery & Set Up

Delivering a cake in one piece (excuse the pun!) can be a daunting experience for someone who doesn't do it for a living. This is why all of our wedding cakes include free delivery and set up within 10 miles of our Wrexham shop. We can delivery further than this for a small charge, 11-20 miles +£10 and 21-30 miles +£30. This charge not only covers our mileage, but also the time for our team to be away from the shop and the time it takes to set up your cake at your venue on the day of your wedding.

Bespoke wedding cake starting prices...


5" 7" AND 9" TIERS              SERVES 60 REGULAR / 120 SMALL        FROM £225
6" 8" AND 10" TIERS             SERVES 80 REGULAR / 160 SMALL        FROM £250
7" 9" AND 11" TIERS              SERVES 100 REGULAR / 200 SMALL      FROM £299   


5" 7" 9" AND 11"  TIERS         SERVES 105 REGULAR / 210 SMALL         FROM £350
6" 8" 10" AND 12" TIERS        SERVES 135 REGULAR / 270 SMALL         FROM £399
7" 9" 11" AND 13" TIERS         SERVES 150 REGULAR / 300 SMALL        FROM £450  


5" 7" 9" 11" AND 12" TIERS      SERVES 195 REGULAR / 390 SMALL       FROM £499
6" 8" 10" 12" AND 14" TIERS    SERVES 225 REGULAR / 450 SMALL      FROM £550
7" 9" 11" 13" AND 15" TIERS     SERVES 240 REGULAR / 480 SMALL      FROM £599   



bespoke wedding Cake consultation

Bespoke wedding cakes are all unique, we will help you design your dream cake. Appointments with Emma the owner of EmzCakes are available on the first Saturday of each month from 3pm - 7pm and our shop on Chester Street in Wrexham Town Centre.

During your consultation, you will talk through everything and you can ask any questions you may have too. Emma will go through all the different options and draw up your bespoke design with you. If you have a budget you wish to stick within, it is really helpful if you share this with us, as we can then guide you on the best options to stay within this. Please bring with you any ideas you have or designs you have seen online, this can be on a phone, tablet or printed.   

All our bespoke wedding cake bookings are subject to availability, when you book a consultation, we will hold your wedding date for you until the day of your consultation.

To book a consultation with Emma please call us on (01978) 366668 and one of the team will be able to check your wedding date is available, and also arrange an appointment with you. If you are not able to attend at that time, you can get in touch with us online instead. We aim to reply to all enquiries within 3 working days.

If you want to book one of our £199 wedding packages, these do not include a consultation with Emma. To book one of these packages, please simply visit the shop any time and one of our trained team will be able to sit down and go through all of the options and book this in with you.

bOOKING Your cake with us

All bespoke wedding cake bookings are subject to our availability at the time of booking. Dates book up quickly, and we always advise booking with as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment, please don't leave it too late to book. We already have bookings for the next two years! April-September is our peak wedding season, and weekend dates always fill first 

To confirm your booking we ask for a 25% deposit, once this is paid your booking is secure. Your remaining balance can be paid off gradually if you wish, with any remaining balance is due 28 days before the date of your wedding. At 28 days before your wedding, you can no longer make any changes to your cake, at this point we will need to know your final flavour choices, colour samples(if required), and also delivery before time too.